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True Facts About Morgan Freeman

Episode #25

Ian Buck and returning guest Katie Reddemann discuss Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement and what Microsoft has to do to keep up and Katie reviews the popular Ni No Kuni, and why Origin and Uplay are teaming up and why nVidia made another expensive graphics card.

EB #25 — You’re The Little Dude

Episode #54

Ian Buck discovers he has been watching movies at less than acceptable frame rates for years and is angry at the world and Katie accues him of harboring nefarious things at his Camp Site.

TU #20 — Really Tired

Episode #53

Sam talks about his bookmark to show note tool and Ryan works on his speedtest tool in javascript.

Oh, Confidence!

Episode #20

Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad discuss the Google Hangout with the International Space Station, two trolling Senators, satellites and telescopes and so much more.

It’s Matte, Not Glossy

Episode #64

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl, with Eight Bit host Ian Buck, discuss the advent of Google Glass, the ChromeBook Pixel and our early impressions of the next generation of consoles, the PS4 and whatever the next Xbox is, along with more BlackBerry news, Microsoft's "clarification" on Office, and yet another device running Ubuntu.

ATN #64 — These Are My Dreams

Episode #52

Ian Buck begins shirtless just for Ryan, and we all discuss Ryan's pending decision on private lessons, and finally something about a bus.

My Local Russian Authority

Episode #14The Fringe #51

Chris has had enough, and Andrew talks about meteors blowing up, RASPBERRY!, DELL!, the taliban of open source, DRM, Sim City, social engineering, and some stats.

I Only Lasted Fifty Seconds!

Episode #24

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with first time guest Sam Ebertz talk about Steam's Valentine's Day deals, more Gas Powered Games news, Halo 2's last dying breath, Bungie's Destiny and a little review on Super Hexagon.

EB #24 — Trusting & Stoic

Episode #50

Before Eight Bit #24, Ian Buck barrages Ryan with show notes and a discovery is made: Windows 8 has a auto-save print screen tool via Windows + Print Screen.