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CS #13 — Stuff Happened

Episode #47

Two turians do a sound check, followed by a discussion about what's nearby, taxes, and nukes.

Mom Is Illegal

Episode #13The Fringe #47

On the 13th episode on February 13th, '13, Andrew and Chris talk about storage, Mars, RASPBERRY!, Wine, stuff on Reddit, illegality, supercomputers, ownership, documentaries, and some other stuff along with your daily recommended dose of LoadingReadyRun references, then debate if things "just work."

Don’t Forget To Slop Your Dripper

Episode #23The Fringe #46

Ian Buck and Ian Decker, with special guest Chris Thompson, discuss the advent of The Witcher 3, Origin on Mafc, Crytek's free transition, and a special review of the five year old benchmarking game, Crysis, from Ian.

EB #23 — Ryan Is Ambiguous

Episode #46

Ryan is completely ambiguous and Ian Decker has an extraordinary mustache that floats, and Ian Buck shares his body with us yet again.

Active Perusal

Episode #62The Fringe #45

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss the dissolution of Dell's public company, why hard drive revenue is down, HBO's self-troll, a review of Ryan's Nexus 4 and an extended discussion on the Chromebook Pixel and HP's Chromebook.

ATN #62 — Bang It With Your Stick

Episode #45

Matthew plays insane music from Soviet Russia and plays with the studio cat, and Ryan develops his heart show for Megan.

Usually I’m The Victim

Episode #22

Ian Buck and special guest Sam Roth discuss the Surface Pro, how an indie game save a console, Ouya's impending launch, the PlayStation event that's coming soon, tons of Nintendo news, and a review of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP from Ian.

Realm of Understanding

Episode #44

Ian and Ryan discuss Ryan's introduction of his Nexus 4 and Sam talks about phones more than we do on the gadget show.

CS #12 — Base Lupine Nature

Episode #43

Andrew explains the shows on The-Nexus to Chris, some introspection on their own show, podcasting shirtless, former roomies, and games.

Pterodactyl Day!

Episode #12The Fringe #43

Andrew and Chris eventually get on topic and talk about Dell being bought out, interoperability with Google and Mozilla, Amazon, BtrFS, drive prices, hacks, too big to fail, Javascript, and listener questions, among other things.