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CS #7 — Corn Juice

Episode #29

Listen to Ryan tell Matthew about benchmarking his server, Andrew and Ryan talking about web fonts, and Matthew walking away from the mic.

A Sexy Font

Episode #7The Fringe #29

Andrew Bailey and Matthew Petschl talk about the New Year, progressive JPEGs, user interfaces, Postgres, Guild Wars, Fonts, and more.

Big Year

Episode #14The Fringe #28

Ryan Rampersad hosts the end of year finale with Andrew Bailey, Ian R Buck and Matthew Petschl as guests with discussion on the big gadget releases, huge games, the legacy of laptops, and some end of the year statistics.

NS #14 — Stink Bug

Episode #28

Hear the frivolous pursuit of topics before Nexus Special #14 along with an impressive stink bug attack with Ian Buck, Andrew Bailey, Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad.

You Cheated On Me

Episode #17The Fringe #27

Ian Buck and Ian Decker along with permanent studio guest Ryan Rampersad join Eight Bit one last time before the new year with a little news and our favorite memories of gaming in 2012 and so much more.

EB#17 — Two Shirtless Men

Episode #27

Ian Buck and Ian Decker decide to record this show without shirts, Ryan sighs so hard, and we have a legitimately great time.

The World Didn’t End

Episode #18The Fringe #26

Sam Ebertz returns just one last time before the new year to review the big news of 2012: shuttles, asteroid mining, guys jumping out of balloons, five sigmas and so much more.

TU #18 — Uniform Mass

Episode #26

Sam Ebertz and the studio crew discuss how to remove dry erase marker from a vinyl sheet when it clearly states to only use wet erase.

Promoted To Troll

Episode #56The Fringe #25

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl on the final episode of the year discuss more BlackBerry rumors, how much Wikipedia made this year, why your email is not safe, black boxes in cars and lawless roads of self-driving cars.

ATN #56 — The New Chain Safe

Episode #25

Matt shares a pokemon video, a story video and Ryan reads the winter preview for next season.