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I’m Sick of This

Episode #22The Fringe #76

Chris and Andrew discuss what's been going on around Kickstarter, solar power, Microsoft, Google, Moore's Law, that RPG spreadsheet, what to call themselves, and DRM. All during a thunderstorm.

Always A Little Bit Elitist

Episode #32The Fringe #75

Ian Buck and Ian Decker along with first time guest Tyler Johnson discuss a little listener feedback, Far Cry 3 DLC - Blood Dragon, the delayed Nextbox announcement, the future of memory and a special beta review of Company Of Heroes 2 and War Thunder from Tyler.

Make-Up Sax

Episode #75

Ian Buck and Ian Decker look for a guest before the show, Ian tells Ryan about software and development and after the show, Ian oogles all over expensive swords.

Best Stalker

Episode #71The Fringe #74

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss BlackBerry's return rate, why teens want iPhones, a botnet against WordPress, another scroogled ad from Microsoft, Ryan's early thoughts on and more!

ATN #71 — Shipped My Podcast

Episode #74

Ryan suddenly begins the fringe, try to fix audio issues that are baffling and eventually discover the best ad for Kmart ever.

CS #21 — Eleven Pairs of Shoes

Episode #73

Andrew and Chris talk about personal finances, Raspberry Pi, monitors, and Christopher Titus, among other things.

Protein For The Cats

Episode #21The Fringe #73

Andrew finally has his car; then him and Chris talk about solar cells, Google, Mozilla, Valve, Ubuntu, PNGs, SSDs, Wolfram Alpha, and plenty of other juicy little tidbits!

Time Sinks of Addictingness

Episode #31The Fringe #72

Ian Buck and Ian Decker along with first time guest David Janacek discuss LucasArts closing, a really tiny but powerful GPU, the Kickstarter blockbuster success of Torment, April Fool's everywhere, Ian's review of AC3 DLC: The Betrayal and David's review of Dark Souls.

EB #31 — There’s The Rub

Episode #72

Ian Buck was lost, then found, we discuss the new wave of Pokemon (or Pokemans as all the adults in our childhood called it) and more before EB #31.

ATN #70 — SpeakerNet

Episode #71

Ryan and Matt chat before the show about HP's board member bail out, 5by5's new studio that looks literally amazing and something about a Jellyfish.