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Big Bowl of What The Hell Is That

Episode #82

Listen to Chris eat some dinner, Andrew plays last week's CS intro, and then both laugh at "official" Blood Dragon merchandise.

Suicidal Feelings

Episode #24The Fringe #82

Chris and Andrew talk about a Kickstarter, stuff getting hacked, stuff getting pirated, NDAs, Rust, Google, Paul Miller, the public web's birthday, interviews, pinging the internet, memory architectures, and Ryan's feedback!

EB #34 — Hey There Little Buddy

Episode #81

Before EB #34, Ian Buck, Ian Decker and Alex Gunness play Minecraft and talk and after, Ryan discusses the studio setup with Alex.


Episode #34

Ian Buck and Ian Decker, discuss the Pizza Hut app for Xbox, a strange new game called "Nowhere", Unity is dropping Flash, Nintendo's lack of an event at E3, a discussion on custom PvP Minecraft maps and a review of Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall, from Ian Decker.

Chair of Achievement

Episode #73

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl, along with returning guest William Kieser, discuss WWDC sold out, Arment's sellout, Nintendo's withdrawal from E3, Microsoft's double event, a Facebook data center near you, a WiFi Hotspot in your magazine and so much more.

ATN #73 — Rewrite, Deny, Rewrite! Deny!

Episode #80

Ryan and Matt talk with William for the first time in a year, Matt screeches, Ryan's blog traffic spike because of Java and more before At The Nexus #73.

CS #23 — You Named It Toilet

Episode #79

Ian and Andrew talk about being hipster (or not), having a smartphone, music on Control Structure, Jonathan Coulton, and Mars.

Enamored of Casinos

Episode #23The Fringe #79

Andrew and Ian talk about Pinball, security, Google, Yahoo acting like Google, javascript, simplicity, AMD, download links, image formats, and podcast feedback.

Basis For A Wonderful Relationship

Episode #33

Ian Buck, Ian Decker and first time guest Sean Stockholm discuss Oculus Rift, more on that Blood Dragon DLC, Microsoft's enhanced security, Bethesda's new game, a lengthy discussion in the merits of consoles and PCs and a review of Starforge Alpha from Sean.

Triple Chism!

Episode #78

The Ians and Sean talk about their Minecraft mining expedition among other things, lingering over shows and relationships and talk about them sugus, and Ryan mentions his burnt out USB drive server.