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I Only Lasted Fifty Seconds!

Episode #24

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with first time guest Sam Ebertz talk about Steam's Valentine's Day deals, more Gas Powered Games news, Halo 2's last dying breath, Bungie's Destiny and a little review on Super Hexagon.

EB #24 — Trusting & Stoic

Episode #50

Before Eight Bit #24, Ian Buck barrages Ryan with show notes and a discovery is made: Windows 8 has a auto-save print screen tool via Windows + Print Screen.

TU #19 — This Close To Blocking You

Episode #49

Before the Episode 19 of The Universe, Sam Ebertz and Matthew Petschl talk about Han Solo returning in Star Wars 7 and watching a guy eat a jar of Mayonnaise, while Ryan was crying in the corner.

Reaching For My Marshmallow Mateys

Episode #19The Fringe #49

Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad with guest Matthew Petschl discuss what we're doing in school, Sam's cellular automata, the Chelyabinsk Meteor among others, Solving for X, Golden Spike's odd campaign, and more.

The Fifth Quarter

Episode #16

Ryan Ramepersad and Matthew Petschl discuss the future of the network after having defeated the infamous dash, and review the first quarter of the new year -- huge growth.

Defeating The Dash

Episode #63

Ryan Rampersad finally defeats the infamous dash, and with Matthew Petschl, discuss Ubuntu's phone release, Apple's lost trademark, Google's 4.2.2 update, Opera's rendering engine and the next American Space Race.

ATN #63 — Tesseract Chest

Episode #48

Ryan and Matt discuss the upcoming CMS changes and explore the wonderful world of Sam's away from keyboard status.

CS #13 — Stuff Happened

Episode #47

Two turians do a sound check, followed by a discussion about what's nearby, taxes, and nukes.

Mom Is Illegal

Episode #13The Fringe #47

On the 13th episode on February 13th, '13, Andrew and Chris talk about storage, Mars, RASPBERRY!, Wine, stuff on Reddit, illegality, supercomputers, ownership, documentaries, and some other stuff along with your daily recommended dose of LoadingReadyRun references, then debate if things "just work."

Don’t Forget To Slop Your Dripper

Episode #23The Fringe #46

Ian Buck and Ian Decker, with special guest Chris Thompson, discuss the advent of The Witcher 3, Origin on Mafc, Crytek's free transition, and a special review of the five year old benchmarking game, Crysis, from Ian.