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Ketchup Falling Off

Episode #27The Fringe #92

Andrew and Chris discuss the new Xbox One and other Microsoft things, Amazon, the government, jQuery, California, allergies, babies, hot dogs, and other gross stuff like that.

You Remind Me Of The Babe

Episode #37The Fringe #91

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss listener feedback, comment on Google IO's new gaming APIs, Nintendo's claim to YouTube revenue, remarkable campaign funding for Among the Sleep and so much more.

EB #37 — The Crazy Girl With The Gun?

Episode #91

Ian Buck laments his lost Nexus 7 and is overjoyed over his new one, and meanwhile the studio desktop has a doom clock experience before Eight Bit #37.

El No

Episode #76The Fringe #90

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss the big event of the week, Google IO, and other important news like BlackBerry's poorly promoted event, an official price for Windows Blue, some WWDC speculation and so much more.

ATN #76 — Chicken Skin

Episode #90

Ryan and Matt get the news together from this week's slim pickings, due to Google IO, and among other things, chicken skin, 'youth group' and more, before ATN #76.

Google I/O 2013

Episode #18

Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad discuss the 2013 Google IO keynote, featuring new APIs for game achievements and multiplayer, a new unified chat service, a new Google Maps interface, a really expensive S4, a new music service to compete with Pandora and Spotify and so much more.

NS #18 — Remember

Episode #89

Ian and Ryan planned out the show by talking about what they liked and didn't like about the Google IO keynote, and Ian gets lubricated -- again.

CS #26 — Tree Rats

Episode #88

Andrew and Chris talk about games, Steam, games on Steam, Kickstarter projects, and LoadingReadyRun videos.

Cyborg Grandma

Episode #26The Fringe #88

Andrew and Chris talk about Lego Mindstorm replacements, iPads disabling cyborgs, Python dictionaries, Google formats, data storage, Powerpoint, SSH, and old stuff, along with juicy feedback.

Chain Mail Chastity Belt

Episode #36The Fringe #87

Ian Buck hosts with guests Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl, and discuss the blockbuster results of Blood Dragon, Oculus Rift support for ancient games galore, Sony's record results and their amusing predictions and a special review of the Guild Wars 2 Living Story Line: Frost and Flame.