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CS #28 — Only Vaguely

Episode #96

Andrew yells at Chris while Chris eats, then they talk about games, pinball, LoadingReadyRun, Windows support, among other things

T-Rex on a Soccer Field

Episode #28The Fringe #96

Andrew and Chris review nicknames, talk about space, laugh about Microsoft, and discuss browsers, social networking, X.Org, open offices, chat federation, SQL, Singapore, no more free pop, Ted Nelson, and listener feedback.

Get The Babes That Way

Episode #38The Fringe #95

Ian Buck, Ian Decker and first time guest Mike Nielsen, discuss all sorts of additional Xbox One news, a new Nvidia graphics card, a new Destiny trailer, a Scrolls beta release date and so much more!

Blood Money For Computer Repair

Episode #77

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss an revolutionary dinosaur and discuss Haswell, AT&T's greed, Google's next street view location, HTC handsets, AMD and Nvidia, patent trolls Debian 7, the incredible LastPass challenge and so much more!

ATN #77 — Notorious For Forgetting Her

Episode #94

Matt learns about his potential future wife, Sofy, while Ryan is basically delirious during the job hunt and so much more before At The Nexus #77.

Xbox One Reveal

Episode #19

Ryan Rampersad, Ian R Buck and Matthew Petschl discuss this morning's Xbox One announcement from Microsoft and all of the new features, from the new design, to the specs and even some speculation on where we go from here.

NS #19 — I Don’t Mind Nazis

Episode #93

Matt, Ian and Ryan chat about a dinosaur before the show and talk about the Xbox One, and then we decide we're hungry and go to a high school.

CS #27 — Unofficial Channels

Episode #92

Chris steps out of his chair and steps on his cats and Andrew and Chris talk about the new Xbox One.