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TU #18 — Uniform Mass

Episode #26

Sam Ebertz and the studio crew discuss how to remove dry erase marker from a vinyl sheet when it clearly states to only use wet erase.

Promoted To Troll

Episode #56The Fringe #25

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl on the final episode of the year discuss more BlackBerry rumors, how much Wikipedia made this year, why your email is not safe, black boxes in cars and lawless roads of self-driving cars.

ATN #56 — The New Chain Safe

Episode #25

Matt shares a pokemon video, a story video and Ryan reads the winter preview for next season.

Stuffed My Face

Episode #6

Hear Andrew Bailey musing about CPU architectures, fonts, visual design, minimalism, Linux, games, technicolor rabbits, and how to delete your enemy's dropbox.

Ebertz On The Line

Episode #55The Fringe #24

Right before Christmas, Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss the history of Window 8's UX, the first 1-billion view video, where Sinofsky wound up, the new Poke! app, Safari's historical origins, an update on Matt's NASA app and a special review of the feed reader app Press by Ryan, and more!

ATN #55 – Stunning Conclusion to Horribleness

Episode #24

On this special edition of The Fringe with Ryan and Matt, we go quickly setup for the next upcoming show and then suddenly experience a disaster and magically reconvene eight hours later after At The Nexus #55 to rant about Sword Art Online and eat pizza.

The Runescape Phase

Episode #16The Fringe #23

Ian Buck and Ian Decker along with special guest Leif Park Jordan discuss THQ's instant liquidation and bankruptcy, how nVidia wants to improve your gaming experience, where Notch's money is heading, a review of Bioshock 2 from Ian Buck and a review of DOTA 2 from Leif.

EB #16 — Thrift Shop

Episode #23

Leif Park Jordan, guest of Ian and Ian, discusses DOTA 2 and then plays ridiculous videos and shares funny comics after Eight Bit #16.

CS# 5 — A Ryan Voice

Episode #22

Listen to some guys cleaning up some stuff in the studio, along with Andrew's rant against podcasts-on-podcasts and gun free zones.

Not A Lawn Ornament

Episode #5The Fringe #22

This week, Andrew and Ryan discuss varied topics like the apocalypse, HTML, encryption, gaming, VoIP, databases, and Andrew's blog.