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Episode #30The Fringe #102

Ryan joins Andrew and Chris to discuss Chris' promotion, laptops running out of power, RASPBERRY!, game consoles, Java, and epic NSA spying on everyone.

Watch Out For Bears

Episode #40

Ian Buck and returning guest Ryan Rampersad discuss the truth behind the Always-On Xbox One, a new mobile based Halo game, Steam trading cards and badges and a special review on Kentucky Route Zero.

EB #40 — Cat Hands

Episode #101

Ian shares a very disturbing video and Ryan shows Ian his latest javascript project before Eight Bit #40.

Explosions Are Important

Episode #79The Fringe #100

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl WWDC indicators, Gmail updates, more Thunderbolt, better Windows 8.1 support, file recovery, an Xbox One clarification and more!

ATN #79 — Tree Mining

Episode #100

Ryan and Matt look for stories in this slow news week and Matt discovers the beveled edge of a bluray disc.

CS #29 — Knives Literally Everywhere

Episode #99

Andrew calls Chris on his real phone, some woman gets lost, Matthew is paranoid and armed, Ryan explains how to use audio equipment, and Chris tells what anime he watches.

Apple’s Juice Policy

Episode #29The Fringe #99

Matthew joins Andrew and Chris to celebrate the return of RASPBERRY! Then they discuss Microsoft things, 4K monitors, DRM objections, new logins, Linux stuff, Google searching, outsourcing to contractors, motherboards catching fire, SanDisk's sucky firmware, podcast feedback, and plenty else.

Lump Of Man Candy

Episode #39The Fringe #98

Ian Buck and Ian Ducker discuss screen achievements from Microsoft, an insanely great Humble Sale, PS4's remote Vita play, Razer's new Razer Blade laptops, the new GTX 770, insanity from EA and a review on Kentucky Route Zero Act II .

EB #39 — Typical After-Show Feelings

Episode #98

Ian and Ryan wait for the other Ian to show, Ian caughts into the 'microsoft' before EB #39 and after, Ian shares his crazy side a little more.

It Should Stand For RunTime

Episode #78The Fringe #97

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss Microsoft's new plan to get you to buy into RT, Google barrage of Nexus Experience phones, yet another NVidia graphics card, WordPress' successor, Opera on Chromium and so much more!