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CS #35 — We Used a BigInt!

Episode #114

Chris talks about his new computer case, then joins Andrew in talking about the Steam Sale.

Last of The Tater Tots

Episode #35The Fringe #114

Andrew laments how the past week has sucked, then him and Chris ask themselves a few questions, drive the Desert Bus, then talk about RASPBERRY!, LOLAPPLE, Microsoft reorganizing, federal banning, VLC, gaming on Linux, Linux itself, user experience, more NSA stuff, how SQL treats nulls, trying out Opus, and listener feedback.

Mr. Snowden Pants

Episode #84The Fringe #113

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl with special first time guests Ben and Dave Putnam discuss a new BlackBerry phone for gaming, T-Mobile and Sprint competing for real, Microsoft price cuts and so much more!

ATN #84 — Something On A Stick

Episode #113

The Putnams storm the studio with pizza and Mountain Dew, and we discuss various things concerning the 80's.

CS #34 — New Ball Crusher

Episode #112

Chris eats some "bread and butter" while Andrew scrambles to add things to the show docs.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Episode #34The Fringe #112

Chris tells another roomie story, Andrew contemplates a potential case of time travel, then they discuss games, tornadoes, HTTP, Firefox, Microsoft, product design ideas, Valve, NSA, Chromium, and Y2K.

The Real Devil’s Tower

Episode #41The Fringe #111

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss Net Gain's prototype launch, Computer Jesus, Buck's trip to Yellowstone, an Alan Wake review from Decker, plans for a YouTube channel and plans for the next season of Eight Bit.

EB #41 — Best Deck

Episode #111

Ian Buck sets Ian Decker's new HTC Thunderbolt with his favorite Android apps before the show and


Episode #83The Fringe #110

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss Sprint's SoftBank success, an Apple lawsuit but not from Samsung, another Fiber offering, Microsoft's Xbox leadership reshuffle, an impending Google event and so much!

ATN #83 — SoftBlanc Off

Episode #110

Ryan and Matt talk about Matt's twitter history, July 4th events, some recent events like Egypt and Russian explosions.