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ATN #70 — SpeakerNet

Episode #71

Ryan and Matt chat before the show about HP's board member bail out, 5by5's new studio that looks literally amazing and something about a Jellyfish.

This Guy Named Dave

Episode #70

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss leaked BlackBerry phones, T-Mobile's miraculous growth, Blink and Webkit, how Blue is becoming Windows 8.1, Ryan's review on Tasker and so much more!

AS #20 — Undocumented APIs

Episode #70

With a chorus of overhead aircraft, Andrew talks about cleaning his apartment and Chris talks about getting new stuff at work. Then they talk about Steam, games, free drive space, and what do talk about on the show.

Pittsburgh Hipster

Episode #20The Fringe #70

Chris invites newly-minted Apple acolyte Andrew Bailey to the podcast to discuss RASPBERRY!, Java, Linux, supercomputers, code that sucks, code thats beautiful, password storage (again), and long uptimes.

Your Beloved

Episode #17The Fringe #69

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl host a special to discuss breaking news: Gmail Blue, Biebian Linux, 3D-3D printers, Freedom Bay, Twttr and so much more on this special occasion.

NS #17 — Clap Load

Episode #69

Ryan and Matt look for the best of April Fool's before the Nexus Special #17.

EB #30 — I love Heroine!

Episode #68

Ian Buck, Ian Decker, Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl join in studio before EB #30 to chat about all of the April Fool's jokes, computer cases, comics and so many innuendos that you'll be impressed.

Genuine Russian Mail Order Bride

Episode #30The Fringe #68

Ian Buck and Ian Decker, along with guest Matthew Petschl, discuss NetGain's epic success, Ouya's ROM support, Wii U's odd JavaScript support, Unreal 3 coming to browsers, a review of Bioshock Infinite from Ian Buck and a reivew of Tomb Raider by Ian Decker, and more!

ATN #69 — High Voltage

Episode #67

Ian Buck suddenly appears as a surprise guest on the Fringe, Ryan plays Daft Punk, Matt tells us about Ax-Man and Matt downloads a new linux distro and previews Sam's favorite video.

Couldn’t See Your Penguin

Episode #69The Fringe #67

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss this week in BlackBerry - one million units sold in 90 days, the new Blue, yet another Facebook phone, Google's OPNAP, a tweaked Nexus 4, DRM in HTML5 and more!