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An Oreo Cream Cheese Suspension

Episode #3The Fringe #16

Andrew Bailey and Matthew Petschl discuss the UN taking over the Internet, people dropping off it, copyright gone amok, Microsoft's woes, Apple's woes, data URIs, Fourier Transforms, and more.

Will You Be My Assassin?

Episode #13The Fringe #15

Ian Buck, Ian Decker and special guest Sam Roth discuss the new gaming addition to the family, the Wii U, along with THQ just about to go under, leaderboards getting wiped overnight, sexism in the game industry and so much more!

EB #13

Episode #15

Ian Buck shares his terrible Asus motherboard, his Nexus 7 purchase and Ryan mentions the Fringe-Fringe before Eight Bit #13.

ATN #52

Episode #14

Matt and Ryan hangout in the studio talking about fascists before ATN #52.

Phobohetic of Stairs

Episode #52The Fringe #14

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss Nintendo's apologies, Dish's 4G and Voice, Amazon's S3 reductions, Apple's iTunes 11 late release, how Google brought December back and why integration of Google+ into Google Play is great, how Windows 8 likely did outpace Windows 7 in upgrades and the next Windows is going Blue.

One Is The Loneliest Number

Episode #2

In this episode, Andrew talks about security, wars, file transfers, web servers, Raspberry Pis, and blog themes.

Site Updates

Episode #13

Ryan briefly mentions the site updates he's made over the last few days.

EB #12

Episode #12

Ian Buck and Ian Decker briefly join Ryan and Matt in the Nexus Studio 001 before Eight Bit #12.

Attention Deficit—Oh Shiny!

Episode #12The Fringe #12

On this short Thanksgiving episode, Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss the Wii U's first weeks of success, an Xbox in the form of an Apple TV, and a tiny review of The Walking Dead and Skyfall.

CS #1

Episode #11

Andrew Bailey and Ryan Rampersad talk about At The Nexus totally faking its end, Andrew's the pwnerer inspired bit about ATN ending, and their recording equipment.