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Sony MDR-v6 Post-Mortem

Episode #72

Ryan reviews the Sony MDR-v6 headphones, lasting in some form or another since 1985, a studio classic - find out Ryan's recommendations with these Sony headphones for studio use!

The Challenges and Solutions of Utilitarian Cycling

Episode #45The Fringe #556

So, you want to start biking as a primary form of transportation, but are nervous about the challenges you will encounter? Never fear, Melody Hoffman and Ian R Buck are here with the solutions they have found over many years of utilitarian cycling.

ATH-M50x Review

Episode #71The Fringe #555

Ian and Ryan have both been using the same studio headphones for monitoring and editing, and they are ready to tell you all about them!

Fringe Farm

Episode #156The Fringe #554

After a long break, Steven and Andrew are back at it, talking about RASPBERRY!, Microsoft, Python, AMD, AVIF, and a few more things. It's been a long while.

The End

Episode #26The Fringe #553

On the final episode of In Bootcamp, Matthew Petschl finishes bootcamp! Group project is complete, graduation commences and upcoming plans are made.