The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

SO #20 — The Other “N” Company

Episode #430 SO #20

Ian and Ryan waste no time getting around to recording the show, but still manage to find time to make fun of Brandon's crazy schedule. After the show, Ryan tries to give Ian advice on how to set up his website.

CS #129 — Invalid Null Input Poser

Episode #428 CS #129

Along with the usual show prep, Andrew talks about his bike riding, Steven installs uBlock Origin to keep his laptop cool, and Andrew renews his blog's TLS certificate. Also, some Youtube was watched later.

NS #51 — Banished to My Bed

Episode #427 NS #51

Ian and Ryan both have unconventional recording setups. They talk about Ian's home-buying process, wonder how Audacity works on Macs, and unfortunately stop recording before having a really good discussion about how to find podcast collaborators.

CS #128 — Agent 327

Episode #426 CS #128

Andrew types into the show docs, while Steven reads, then they watch the trailer to Agent 426.

TED #21 — Audacity Does!

Episode #425 TED #21

Brian tells Ian about an 11 hour video by PBS. Later, Ian and Brandon completely fail to stay on-topic.

SO #18 — Sounds Like Ryan

Episode #423 SO #18

As with every triple-ender, the call starts with 15 minutes of troubleshooting microphone systems.