The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

PK #28 — It’d Be In The Sub

Episode #421 PK #28

Before the show, Brian has a party parrot, and we hangout a bit before the show for the first time successfully in months.

CS #124 — The Dollar Sign Is A Clue

Episode #419 CS #124

After Steve plugs in his microsoft, he and Andrew discuss mechanical keyboards, game stories, podcast topics, and daylight savings time.

CS #123 — Hang On A Tenth Of A Second

Episode #418 CS #123

After figuring out Skype for the first time in a while, Andrew and Steve talk about keyless entry to cars, keypads, and automatic colorization.


Episode #417 TED #20

Brian and Ian discuss some of the latest download numbers for the network, since Ryan recently gave them access to the Podtrac data.

SO #16 — I Need to Read More

Episode #416 SO #16

Despite refusing to be on the actual review, Caleb Buck shows up during the Fringe with some comments and theories about Rogue One.

CS #122 — Tank Hipster

Episode #415 CS #122

Andrew talk about how PC gaming is dead, Steve explored Firefox changes, talk about video games and Firefox extensions. Also, Youtube was having problems.

SO #15 — What’s Up With That

Episode #413 SO #15

Brandon and Brian discuss science-fiction books, producing the show, our websites, and Brandon's sad quadcopter.

SO #14 — Plugin Hell

Episode #412 SO #14

Setting up a double-ender is a lot harder than expected. Ian has to troubleshoot on the fly, and Ryan has the brilliant idea of recording a merged version as well as a backup.