The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

ATN #53

Episode #17

Ryan and Matthew screw things and watch a video on a 3D printer among other things before At The Nexus #53 and have a party when Sam suddenly breaks in.

CS #3

Episode #16

Listen to Andrew fumbling with his mic and explaining lots of stuff, Ryan instructing Matt in the way of the podcast, and Matt ordering pizza, mon!

EB #13

Episode #15

Ian Buck shares his terrible Asus motherboard, his Nexus 7 purchase and Ryan mentions the Fringe-Fringe before Eight Bit #13.

ATN #52

Episode #14

Matt and Ryan hangout in the studio talking about fascists before ATN #52.

Site Updates

Episode #13

Ryan briefly mentions the site updates he's made over the last few days.

EB #12

Episode #12

Ian Buck and Ian Decker briefly join Ryan and Matt in the Nexus Studio 001 before Eight Bit #12.

CS #1

Episode #11

Andrew Bailey and Ryan Rampersad talk about At The Nexus totally faking its end, Andrew's the pwnerer inspired bit about ATN ending, and their recording equipment.

EB #11

Episode #10

Ian discovers the depth of Ryan's treacherous lies and Ian and Hayden giggle profusely.

ATN #51

Episode #9

Ryan and Matthew discuss their long absence from the network and why they left for so long.

The First Year Review

Episode #8

Ryan briefly talks about the last ninety days on the network and the extraordinary first year of podcasting here at The-Nexus.