In Bootcamp

In Bootcamp podcast is about Matthew Petschl's experience at a local coding bootcamp and journey to software engineer, featuring Ryan Rampersad with industry commentary.


Episode #18The Fringe #544

Matt finishes Group Project 2 and learns a lot about scope, communications and capabilities, and continues learning Mongo and NoSQL.
  • Mongodb & Robo Mongo
    • No defined shape, you can do anything
    • Windows struggles to handle Mongo
  • Group project 2
    • Not much experience prior to the project with Express and Seqelize
    • Passport threw everyone for a loop
      • This is a pandemic issue in JavaScript today; very little documentation and cookbook examples are available and kept up-to-date
    • Some team members did not contribute very much
      • Some team members were instructed about an issue but then did it again later
    • The team received an A on this project
    • What did I learn?
      • Travis and Git repositories
      • Nobody likes to communicate
      • “I don’t know what I’m doing”
  • Group project 3
    • React
    • MongoDB
  • Open Source North