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Political Organizing in the Digital Age

Episode #43The Fringe #547

Digital technologies have a lot of potential to aid in political organizing, provided we use them effectively. Ian R Buck sat down with several prominent Twin Cities activists (Ethan Osten, John Edwards, and Mike Lindsay) to talk about how to activate communities without tearing them apart.

Episode Summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:02:30 | Old Technologies
00:04:52 | Ethan Osten, Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition
00:08:08 | John Edwards, Wedge LIVE!
00:13:55 | Websites and Newsletters
00:20:30 | Mike Lindsay, Social Media Accounts
00:23:55 | SPBC Social Media Strategies
00:31:36 | Tools for Managing and Automating Accounts
00:39:44 | Microcommunities
00:44:12 | Niche Content
00:46:49 | Watch out for Trademark, AKA the Carol Becker Saga
00:51:11 | Community Building
01:10:15 | Activating People
01:20:00 | Effectiveness of Different Community Actions
01:26:39 | Cool New Technologies
01:30:23 | Best Practices for Individuals
01:34:00 | Outro

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