Nexus Special

The Nexus Specials are for awesomely spectacular occasions and breaking news coverage.

Made by Google Event 2017

Episode #56The Fringe #444

Google has announced their major new hardware for the next year! Despite the leaks ahead of time, there were still a few surprises in store. Join Ryan Rampersad and Ian R Buck to hear all about it!

Apple September 2017 Event

Episode #55The Fringe #439

Brian and Ryan discuss the Apple September 2017 Event. Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and more!

Solar Eclipse 2017

Episode #54The Fringe #438

Ian R Buck joins Ryan Rampersad in the studio to talk about the "Great American Eclipse." And surprise, Ian brought a microphone with him during his trip to see the eclipse with Scott Kopp, so we get to hear coverage from the event itself!

E3 2017

Episode #53The Fringe #431

Andrew Bailey and Ian R Buck discuss E3 2017: EA, Microsoft and their new Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony and of course Nintendo.

WWDC 2017

Episode #52The Fringe #429

Ryan and Brandon discuss WWDC 2017's keynote: new Macs, updates in iOS 11, a new iPad and a new product - HomePod!

Google I/O 2017

Episode #51The Fringe #427

Google has given us a glimpse of their plans for the next year! Join Ian and Ryan as they unpack the biggest announcements, in half the time it would take to watch the entire keynote.

Nintendo Switch Reveal

Episode #50The Fringe #414

Savannah Haslow and Ian R Buck sit down to talk about all the details Nintendo revealed about the Switch, and what it means for the system's potential.

Apple Event October 2016

Episode #49The Fringe #404

Brandon Johnson and Brian Mitchell discuss and recap the new MacBook Pros from the October 2016 Apple Event.

Made By Google Event

Episode #48The Fringe #400

Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad discuss the new hardware announcements from Google; what their capabilities are, who they are meant for, how much they cost, and more!

Apple September Event 2016

Episode #47The Fringe #393

Brandon Johnson, Brian Mitchell, and Ian R Buck go over the new announcements from Apple's September Event. iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, Mario Bros. Run, and more!