In Bootcamp

In Bootcamp podcast is about Matthew Petschl's experience at a local coding bootcamp and journey to software engineer, featuring Ryan Rampersad with industry commentary.


Episode #20The Fringe #546


Matt begins React week; with HTML in JavaScript - JSX, basic styles and component composition, plus Matt's professor tells him strange things!

Open Source North

Episode #19The Fringe #545


Matt continues with MongoDB in class, and outside of class he attends his first conference - Open Source North - meets new friends and even gets his own invitation to the legendary HackerX.


Episode #18The Fringe #544

Matt finishes Group Project 2 and learns a lot about scope, communications and capabilities, and continues learning Mongo and NoSQL.

Tools and Tricks

Episode #16The Fringe #541

Matt's class takes a break from programming material, focuses on tools and tricks alongside the group project.


Episode #15The Fringe #539

Matt has installed the latest Ubuntu on his laptop, gets sick, learns why MySQL is weird and what ORMs are.


Episode #14

Matt's class continues with MySQL and adds Express into the mix and begins serving dynamically created HTML content with Handlebars. Plus, Matt gets the OK to use Linux in class - against his earlier preconceived notions.


Episode #13The Fringe #535

Matt continues learning SQL, experimenting with larger data sets, using JOINs and complex SELECTs, and he begins learning the Node API to create servers.

Half Way

Episode #12The Fringe #534

Matt finally reaches halfway in the Bootcamp, and kicks off MySQL with Workbench, using Mamp and Xampp, and later, Ryan shares a recent mini-job experience related to the bootcamp.

Node Continued

Episode #11The Fringe #532

Matt continues learning Node, and practices new JavaScript techniques with Constructors.