In Bootcamp

In Bootcamp podcast is about Matthew Petschl's experience at a local coding bootcamp and journey to software engineer, featuring Ryan Rampersad with industry commentary.

The Last Week

Episode #25

On the last full week of In Bootcamp, Matt shares the final few days of Group Project 3 - contributions and timesinks, plus an insightful discovery, and a bit more about short and long term plans after bootcamp ends.
  • Final Group project is a solo one
    • It’s actually even worse, it’s become a “Ryan” project
  • Other team member contributions
    • Committed GitHub repo of another project without changing anything
    • Slacked some code instead of putting in git
    • Created more artwork and logos
    • Nobody has used the GitHub issues or project board
  • Time sinks
    • Spent more than an hour trying to kill a service
    • Spent half an hour to build from source
    • Broke the entire Node package
    • Zone out in front of the monitor 
  • GitHub insight
    • A cool feature of owning a repository are insights
    • See exactly how many clones and pulls to a repository there have been
  • Final day
    • Thursday July 11th
  • Future
    • Short term
    • Long term