In Bootcamp

In Bootcamp podcast is about Matthew Petschl's experience at a local coding bootcamp and journey to software engineer, featuring Ryan Rampersad with industry commentary.


Episode #22The Fringe #548

Matt's group project 3 stutters, React is finished up, Java begins and essentially ends, and upon reflection, maybe this course changed course during its course.
  • React is done/ few last minute things
    • Redux not covered
    • Context not covered
    • No hooks
  • Java
    • It was hard to get started; installation was difficult
    • Examples are not followed up on now
    • Learning about packages; with the classpath
    • Ryan shared Spring Initializer
    • “What is the world?”
  • Changed the course syllabus
    • Done with Java
    • “Building webapps with Java” basically cut from the program
    • Java homework is optional
  • Project 3
    • Not going well already
    • Thinking about automated deployments