The Universe

Science, the final frontier, with astrophysics, neuroscience, computer science, mathematics and more speculation than on morning television, with fledgling computer scientist host Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad.

An Organ Builder

Episode #5

Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad talk about NASA news, a dark matter blob far far away, the Elegant Penguin you have been waiting for, a new video from the hacked NASA, a special video that is a call to action for spacial reinvigoration, and more on The Universe!
This week Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad talk a little about encryption and the lack thereof at NASA, a huge chunk of Dark Matter floating in space, an Elegant Penguin, a new video from the hacked NASA with a Transformer as the narrator, the political climate that's holding science and everything else back and more! Enjoy this episode's new and improved shorter length!


  • RSA (algorithm)
  • Elliptic curve cryptography
  • Electric current
  • ROOT
  • Dark matter blob confounds experts
  • Gravitational lens
  • NASA says it was hacked 13 times last year
  • Scientists reconstruct elegant€™ giant penguin that lived in New Zealand 26 million years ago
  • Earthshine Helps in Search for Life on Other Worlds
  • We Are the Explorers
  • Peter Cullen