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NerdCon: Stories

Episode #6The Fringe #344

Ian R Buck and Savannah Haslow review Nerdcon: Stories.



Podcasting Advice from the "Hearing is Believing" panel

  • Do something that can't be done on stage, live.
    • Interview
    • Unique sound design
    • We don't have to repeat facts often because we can assume that the audience has been listening since the beginning.
    • Imagine riding shotgun with someone, explaining something to them.
    • How much of a cue does the listener need to know who is speaking?
    • Can stop and talk about how the recording went.
    • Imagine who you are speaking to, who your ideal audience is.
  • Good podcasts do:
    • Gets to the point. Don't just be a couple of white guys shooting the breeze.
    • People are giving you their attention. Honor that.
    • The story should connect to me, resonate.
    • Something we haven't heard before.
    • Know what they are
    • Good microphone, recording environment
    • People should be comfortable with each other
  • has sound effects we can use.
  • Drink lots of water!

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