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Android Essentials

Episode #10The Fringe #371

Ian R Buck, Ryan Rampersad and new Nexus Device owner Ian Decker discuss the essential settings and features of Android, and some of the essential apps you definitely need to investigate.

Settings to adjust

  • Log in to your Google account
  • Turn on high accuracy location mode, and opt into Google Location History
  • Opt in to Google Now
  • Contacts should synchronize so you never have to post on Facebook “I got a new phone, everyone message me your number so I can put you in my contacts!”
  • Familiarize yourself with the concept of widgets
  • Turn on the notification LED
  • If you have a consistent schedule, set some automatic rules for Do Not Disturb
  • If you have a device on Android 6, and you put an SD card in it, set it up with Adoptive storage. It's really nice.
    • If you’re not on Android 6, set as much stuff as possible to be stored there.
  • Encrypt phone: not if you have an entry-level device
  • From Julian Teeple Biggest misunderstanding ever: the multitasking list is not a list of apps that are still running. You do not have to clear them all out to make the device run faster. HOWEVER: swiping an app away in multitasking will close it if it is still open.
  • Restricting background data: do it in each app’s settings first (example: set Google Photos to upload on wifi only) but if an app is still using more data than you like, you can go into system settings and restrict background data for that app.
  • Smart lock
  • APKs



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