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Fenix for Android Review

Episode #5The Fringe #365

Ryan Rampersad and Ian R Buck review Fenix for Android, contrasting Twitter's first party Android app to a great third party Android app.


Pros of Twitter (first party Android app):

  • It’s free
  • Supports features Twitter hasn’t released to third party apps
    • Polls
    • Moments
    • While you were away
  • Notifies when multiple people you follow tweet about the same thing/like the same tweet
  • Shows photo tags. But who tags others on Twitter?
  • Notifies when a favorite user retweets something
  • Pushbullet opens notifications as

Pros of Fenix:

  • Dark theme
  • Displays Instagram photos (and probably a few other things that Twitter doesn’t)
  • Doesn’t have ads (aka “Promoted Tweets”)
  • Has multiple feeds
    • Timeline
    • Favorite users
      • Especially useful because their tweets don't get lost if the notification is lost
    • Activity
    • Messages
    • Mentions
    • Likes
  • Shows what client other posts came from
  • Option of circular or square profile pictures