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iOS 12 Review

Episode #49The Fringe #493

Brandon and Brian give an overview and discuss iOS 12. Brandon's recording got a little corrupted, but he is still understandable so we thank you for bearing with us on this one.


Available September 17, 2018. Runs on the iPhone 5s and iPad Air and newer ✨

00:00 | Intro

00:50 | Performance

  • Up to 70% faster swipe to Camera
  • Up to 50% faster keyboard display
  • Up to 2x faster app launch under heavy workload
  • Up to 2x faster Share sheet display under load
  • Smoother animations

06:00 | Group FaceTime (coming later this fall)

  • 32 people
  • Realtime effects and everything!
  • Video with iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Audio only with Apple Watch and HomePod
  • Focus view on whoever is speaking
  • Animoji
  • Filters
  • Text Effects
  • Shapes
  • End-to-end encryption

07:12 | Messages

12:26 | Camera

  • Improved Portrait Lighting
  • Portrait Segmentation API
  • Improved QR code reader
  • Smart HDR (iPhone Xs)
  • Dynamic bokeh, after you take the photo (iPhone Xs)

14:06 | ARKit 2

  • Measure app
  • QuickLook and USDZ objects everywhere!
  • Improvements to vertical surface detection
  • 3D object recognition
  • Face tracking
  • Scene reflection
  • Persistence(!!!) of detected planes
  • Unity did a really good job writing out what all the underlying changes in ARKit 2 made possible: multiplayer experiences, etc. What’s new in Unity ARKit Plugin for ARKit 2 – Unity Blog

19:24 | Screen Time

  • Activity reports
  • Compare across devices
  • Kid monitoring
  • App limits
  • Downtime (like bedtime), when apps and notifications are blocks
  • Brandon hasn’t really used this? Tried setting some boundaries for Instagram/Tweetbot, but I never seem to exceed them, so I guess they weren’t aggressive enough?

22:51 | Notifications

  • Grouped notifications
  • Inline managing of notifications
  • Critical alerts
  • In earlier beta builds, (though sometimes even now) Brandon can’t seem to get to Notification Center? Could be me being dumb.

24:35 | Do Not Disturb

  • Slightly easier to activate or deactivate
  • Does a generally better job of hiding notifications from you (lock screen, notification center)
  • Oh hey, maybe my problem is that DNDB is always activated???

25:31 | Photos

  • Photo Sharing
    • Sharing suggestions
    • Having the photos icon underneath “apps” makes Brandon very sad
  • Photo Search
    • Places
    • Event
    • Multiple keyword
  • For you tab
  • Redesigned Albums tab

30:04 | Siri

  • Siri Shortcuts
    • The new Workflow
    • App from the App Store (supports iOS 11 too???)
    • Super duper power user stuff
  • Motorsports
  • Translation
  • Celebrity facts
  • Food knowledge
  • Photos Memories search
  • Passwords
  • Find My iPhone
  • Flashlight

34:36 | Privacy

  • Stricter Safari rules
  • Safari prevents Share buttons and comment widgets on web pages from tracking you without your permission
  • Security code AutoFill from SMS one-time passcodes
    • It works until it doesn’t. Most of the apps I’ve used this with works, but You Need a Budget is a standout that seems to break.
  • To use an iCloud Keychain-saved-password, you need to do a pin/TouchID/FaceID
  • Password Manager API (Hello 1Password!)
  • Safari also prevents advertisers from collecting your device’s unique characteristics, so they can’t identify your device or retarget ads to you across the web.

37:50 | App Updates

  • Redesigned Apple Books
  • Redesigned Stocks app, now on iPad too
  • Voice Memos on iPad
  • New navigation in Apple News
  • Third-party navigation apps in CarPlay
  • Contactless student ID cards in Wallet
  • More detailed battery information
  • Safari Favicons on iPad

40:33 | Final Thoughts

41:55 | Outro

41:05 | Connect With The Nexus



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