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MacBook Air 2017 Review

Episode #41The Fringe #475

Apple made a very unexpected decision in 2017 to come out with a new version of the MacBook Air, which is very different from the rest of the laptops they are currently selling. Join Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad to find out what Apple has done to make this classic device relevant in 2017.

Episode Summary

00:00 | Intro

02:07 | Pricing/Models

02:30 | Display

05:45 | Build Quality

08:50 | Tech Specs

11:38 | Battery

13:31 | Ports

18:37 | Keyboard

22:41 | Weight

24:04 | Camera

25:07 | Software

29:39 | Final Thoughts, Current State of Laptops

37:56 | Outro

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