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iPhone 8 Plus Review

Episode #29The Fringe #446

Ian is joined by Evan Haldeman, who recently upgraded from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 8 Plus. Come hear about all the notable new features, as well as the things that stayed the same!

Episode Index

01:01 | Physical Dimensions

  • Glass back
  • Color options-Gold, silver, space gray
  • Not quite the same dimensions as the iPhone 7, the case is a little wonky

02:45 | Pricing

Starting at $800 depending on finish and storage.

04:05 | Specs

  • A11 Bionic
  • 3GB RAM
  • 64/256GB storage

04:43 | Camera

  • Single front facing camera and dual back camera.
  • Video shoots at 60 fps in up to 4k.
  • Photos have auto HDR and the portrait mode has new lighting effects.
Picture of Ian using the new lighting effects that looks very bad.

07:15 | Battery Life

08:56 | Charging

  • Lightning
    • Fast charging available, but not with the brick in the box
  • Qi wireless charging

12:26 | Screen

  • 5.5’’ screen
  • Still has those gigantic bezels
  • Still an LCD

18:32 | Color Options

  • Silver
  • Space Grey
  • Gold

21:01 | Speakers

Uses speakers on both top and bottom of the phone. This year only half the speaker grille on the bottom is used.

23:04 | Radios

Slightly worse reception than the iPhone 7 Plus.

24:18 | Software

27:34 | Final Thoughts

iPhone 8 occupies a strange place in the price lineup.