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Eight Bit is a show about gaming news, gaming hardware, gaming reviews, and pretty much anything that starts with gaming, hosted by Ian Buck and Ian Decker.

Two Of You, One Of Me

Episode #99The Fringe #283

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss pushing The Witcher 3 back yet again, Microsoft's timed exclusive of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, EA's SimCity 2000 giveaway, Sony in China, the Steam holiday auction, Mass Effect comics and more!

Don't believe anything Ian tells you, this is not episode 100 of Eight Bit.

Who records a podcast from over the sea?
Ians Buck and Decker
Whose brains are fried and has finals this week?
Ians Buck and Decker
When audio nonsense is something you wish,
Ians Buck and Decker
Then this episode is for you, Hey There Mitch!
Ians Buck and Decker


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