Eight Bit

Eight Bit is a show about gaming news, gaming hardware, gaming reviews, and pretty much anything that starts with gaming, hosted by Ian Buck and Ian Decker.

I Can Review You

Episode #3

Ian Buck and Ian Decker and special guest Andrew Bailey compose a Bioshock poem and then discuss the news on Obsidian's kickstarter project, Sony's new just-as-expensive but even slimmer version of the PS3, a new first season Digimon game, and the main event of Borderlands 2 with a group-wide review.
I am Andrew Bailey and I have a question: should a man have his own podcasting network?
“No” says the dead man in Cupertino, all your podcast are belongs to itunes!
“No” says lawyer man, that would be patent infringement!
But Mr. Rampersad chose something different: he chose The Nexus!