At The Nexus

At The Nexus is the premiere weekly podcast of The Nexus featuring Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl with discussion on Apple, Google, Microsoft, lawsuits, software, hardware, trends and technology news.

Fled Across the Desert

Episode #1

The premiere podcast of The Nexus, Ryan and Matthew use the MacBook's microphone to record the first episode ever dicussing Batterygate, tablet trends and P2P litigation.
This episode summary was written before the launch of The Nexus. Sunday evening, on the night of my nineteenth birthday, Matthew Petschl and I made a alpha-trial-run podcast. There is no series name, there is no planning, there is no craft. In fact, this is the result of standing outside in the cold for two hours and about half an hour of figuring out Garage Band for the iPad. All we're doing is talking about the tech stuff we find fun. We honestly have no idea what we're talking about, which makes it even better. This podcast covered six topics briefly, including Apple's Batterygate, Video trends on Tablets and P2P increases by Litigation. Matt covered others but I failed to save his links. Something to work on, one might say. So, this is a very rough work in progress. We don't know if we'll do it again. We'll see.