The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

EB #26 — My Hand Is A Gentleman and a Scholar

Episode #57

Ian Buck has his brother as a guest along with his brother's friend, Ian Decker finally makes it onto an episode and we all compare ourselves to our competitors.

ATN #65 — Up To Hipster

Episode #56

Ryan and Matt claim it's just one of those "weeks" and why midterms, projects and girls are conspirng to be the downfall of Ryan.

EB #25 — You’re The Little Dude

Episode #54

Ian Buck discovers he has been watching movies at less than acceptable frame rates for years and is angry at the world and Katie accues him of harboring nefarious things at his Camp Site.

TU #20 — Really Tired

Episode #53

Sam talks about his bookmark to show note tool and Ryan works on his speedtest tool in javascript.

ATN #64 — These Are My Dreams

Episode #52

Ian Buck begins shirtless just for Ryan, and we all discuss Ryan's pending decision on private lessons, and finally something about a bus.

EB #24 — Trusting & Stoic

Episode #50

Before Eight Bit #24, Ian Buck barrages Ryan with show notes and a discovery is made: Windows 8 has a auto-save print screen tool via Windows + Print Screen.

TU #19 — This Close To Blocking You

Episode #49

Before the Episode 19 of The Universe, Sam Ebertz and Matthew Petschl talk about Han Solo returning in Star Wars 7 and watching a guy eat a jar of Mayonnaise, while Ryan was crying in the corner.

ATN #63 — Tesseract Chest

Episode #48

Ryan and Matt discuss the upcoming CMS changes and explore the wonderful world of Sam's away from keyboard status.