Robots Will Steal Your Job

Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK is an audiobook that explores the impact of technological advances on our lives, what it means to be happy, and provides suggestions on how to avoid a systemic collapse. Written by Federico Pistono and read by Ian R Buck.

Making the Future

Episode #19

Now that we have sorted out how we want the economy to work in the future, let's discuss what we can do to help bring about those changes.

Practical Advice for Everyone

Episode #18

Now that we have thoroughly explored how the economy is going to be changing in the near future, let's discuss what you can do today to help yourself transition into this brave new world.

The Purpose of Life

Episode #17

If our life's purpose is not the work we do, then what is it?

Work and Happiness

Episode #16

If acquiring more and more money won't make people happier, and they cannot compete with automation in the workplace, can we simply provide people with basic amenities to make them happy? It is a little more complicated than that.


Episode #15

One of the reasons that pursuing the hedonic treadmill is that our brains are wired to create happiness for us, regardless of the events around us.

Income and Happiness

Episode #14

There is a bit more nuance to the question of whether income can affect your happiness. It comes down to the difference between emotional well-being and life satisfaction.

Growth and Happiness

Episode #13

Does making more money make us happier? Turns out that once we have met a certain threshold of our needs, making more money does not increase happiness.

The Scorpion and the Frog

Episode #12

A short parable to illustrate that sometimes things just are what they are.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Episode #11

In most of the industrialized world, the "pursuit of happiness" is considered to be an inalienable right. But our current economic system is not set up to allow everyone the opportunity to pursue happiness.

Work Identity

Episode #10

Society has ingrained in us that the most important aspect of our identities is our job.