Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

End Of The Internet

Episode #137

After commenting on Steven's shack, Andrew and him talk about abandoned IoT, Firefox, Chrome, Vegas, Intel, AMD, Python, Linux, and the dangers of leaving computers unlocked.

Ding! Your Files Are Done!

Episode #136The Fringe #449

Steve talks about his new place, Andrew talks about pizza, then they talk about RASPBERRY!, Apple, WPA2 WiFi, lots of updates for pretty much everything, Kinect, Humble Bundle, Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording, MDN, and go down some rabbit holes.

Updating The Garbage Truck

Episode #135The Fringe #445

Steven returns and joins Andrew to talk about 64 gigs of RAM, cars, CCleaner, Apache, DNS, Adblock, Firefox, Java, Equifax (again), refresh buttons, and some love and hate.

Eclipse The Sun Microsystems

Episode #134

ARRR! Andrew wants you to know he'll be observin' International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Steven gets in on the fun. Then they talk boring stuff, like space probes, RASPBERRY!, Google, C, NGINX, Linux, Oracle, Java, and Equifax.

The Internet Took All The Fun Away

Episode #133

After a summer eclipse vacation, Andrew and Steve return to talk some RASPBERRY!, Windows, BSD, old school game hacks, and talk a lot about Google.

Paid My AMD Tax

Episode #132

Andrew talks about his brother leaving, his car getting fixed, then joins Steven to talk about Microsoft, Flash, AMD, Talos 2, GNOME, passwords, and a few other things.

Pi In The Sky

Episode #131

After a hiatus, Andrew explains why his new computer has been crashing, Steve has lots of RASPBERRY!, then they both talk about Windows, procedural planets, HTTPS, decompression bombs, the trials of multicore, and hard drives.

Jump On Our Own Bandwagon

Episode #130

After a month, Steve and Andrew talk about smelly voicemails, RASPBERRY!, Windows, Debian, AMD, Firefox, Opus, indie gaming, Firewire, SSH, and other neat tidbits.

Nice Printer or White Elephant

Episode #129The Fringe #428

In light of massive living arrangement changes, Steven explains to Andrew how to use vim, while Andrew pontificates on CPU manufacturers, then both talk about patents, Windows, Wikipedia, Linux utility fun (not vim), t-time, and flint strikers.

One Of The Three Halves

Episode #128The Fringe #426

Andrew talks about the story behind last week's podcast, Steven talks RASPBERRY!, then they talk about lots of exploits, Python, Linux, SQL, and viewer feedback!