Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

Pass The Fried Chicken

Episode #17The Fringe #61

Andrew and Chris "interview" John Gosling from Level Zero Games, who is seeking funding for his game, Net Gain: Corporate Espionage, on Kickstarter. They talk about that, and other topics, like DRM, VP8, Steam, SimCity, StarCraft, and also listener questions. Also served with a delightful Fringe!

Slower Than Youtube on FiOS

Episode #16The Fringe #58

In between discussing browsers, security, compression, famous people, and pretty benchmarks, Chris crashes his browser as he seeks to download the internet, and Andrew talks about RASPBERRY!

Let’s Make Sure I Don’t Butcher This

Episode #15The Fringe #55

Andrew and Chris talk about new browsers, new hardware, working from home, programming tools, programming culture, websites not working, and how our perspectives are weird.

My Local Russian Authority

Episode #14The Fringe #51

Chris has had enough, and Andrew talks about meteors blowing up, RASPBERRY!, DELL!, the taliban of open source, DRM, Sim City, social engineering, and some stats.

Mom Is Illegal

Episode #13The Fringe #47

On the 13th episode on February 13th, '13, Andrew and Chris talk about storage, Mars, RASPBERRY!, Wine, stuff on Reddit, illegality, supercomputers, ownership, documentaries, and some other stuff along with your daily recommended dose of LoadingReadyRun references, then debate if things "just work."

Pterodactyl Day!

Episode #12The Fringe #43

Andrew and Chris eventually get on topic and talk about Dell being bought out, interoperability with Google and Mozilla, Amazon, BtrFS, drive prices, hacks, too big to fail, Javascript, and listener questions, among other things.

I Upset The Apple Cart

Episode #11The Fringe #41

Andrew and Chris talk about what you should buy and sell, things that are about to and have gone away, Ubuntu, phones, XBMC, Libreoffice, Raspberry Pi, codecs, tech policies, SQL communities, listener mail, and so oh oh much more.

A Few Instagrams

Episode #10The Fringe #37

Listen as Chris becomes the cohost! Later, him and Andrew discuss decadent video games, taxes, fonts, Microsoft, programming languages, disappoint in the non-existence of glowing animals, and more.

The Next Thing From Apple

Episode #9

Chris and Andrew talk about Aaron Swartz: his life, accomplishments, and legacy. Followed by copyright and patent reform, jQuery, traveling, a gravity powered light, backups, and data recovery.

Sudo Bang Bang

Episode #8

From Knoxville, Andrew talks about some stuff from CES, Java, security, Linux stuff, data recovery, and lead.