At The Nexus

At The Nexus is the premiere weekly podcast of The Nexus featuring Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl with discussion on Apple, Google, Microsoft, lawsuits, software, hardware, trends and technology news.

Toner Disaster

Episode #6

Another week solo, Ryan covers Kindle Fire problems, MacBook Pro display rumors, new AdBlock Plus rules, HP open-sourcing webOS, continued free calling by Google, and more!

Jumping Around In Order

Episode #5

After fixing last week's trouble Matthew and Ryan come back strong with news on Apple's database center, the mysterious disappearance of AMD's transistors, Steve Jobs's Biography is #1, Bill Gates's reactor, and more.

Spontaneous Combustion is E for Everyone

Episode #4

Due to audio problems, Ryan covers the podcast alone and talks about the Kindle Fire, the new app rating system from the ESRB, AT&T-Tmobile merging and Carrier IQ.

Double Sided Sticky Staples

Episode #3

Delirius by fumes and turkey, Matthew and Ryan discuss iPad 3 rumors, Facebook's potential new phone, Bulldozer's impact, Penguin Publishing and Amazon Kindle books, and more!

There’s a Buffalo Behind You

Episode #2

Less than a week later, Matt and Ryan talk about Siri's cracked protocol, ICS and Kindle Fire OS open sourcing, Steve's secret WiFi carrier alternative, AMD server processors and more.

Fled Across the Desert

Episode #1

The premiere podcast of The Nexus, Ryan and Matthew use the MacBook's microphone to record the first episode ever dicussing Batterygate, tablet trends and P2P litigation.