The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

AS #20 — Undocumented APIs

Episode #70

With a chorus of overhead aircraft, Andrew talks about cleaning his apartment and Chris talks about getting new stuff at work. Then they talk about Steam, games, free drive space, and what do talk about on the show.

NS #17 — Clap Load

Episode #69

Ryan and Matt look for the best of April Fool's before the Nexus Special #17.

EB #30 — I love Heroine!

Episode #68

Ian Buck, Ian Decker, Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl join in studio before EB #30 to chat about all of the April Fool's jokes, computer cases, comics and so many innuendos that you'll be impressed.

ATN #69 — High Voltage

Episode #67

Ian Buck suddenly appears as a surprise guest on the Fringe, Ryan plays Daft Punk, Matt tells us about Ax-Man and Matt downloads a new linux distro and previews Sam's favorite video.

CS #19 — Not Kentucky

Episode #66

Listen to Kyle's connection cause epic feedback, how we set up both Skype and Google Hangout, and how long we play games.

EB #29 — OMG-It Just Hit My Throat!

Episode #65

Ian Decker shares his laments his week, Ian Buck decides it's "okay" to leave a girl in the room with the others while gets water -- he was wrong, and have you seen Snakes in a School?

ATN #68 — Called To A Weeping + Anime

Episode #64

Matthew and Ryan discuss the Buck Event before the show and the infamous conclusion to this season's most promising anime, Robotics;Notes, after ATN #68.

EB #28 — Six Lines of Genius

Episode #63

Ryan discovers Ian's Chromebook, John chats with us for a while before the show and after, Ian plays some Mass Effect game on his Nexus 7.

ATN #67 — I’m Bored

Episode #62

Sam Ebertz is here and he's awake, and Matt tries to fill Ryan's window with snow and Andrew Bailey discusses podcast mechanics and an easter egg with Ryan.