The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

EB #29 — OMG-It Just Hit My Throat!

Episode #65

Ian Decker shares his laments his week, Ian Buck decides it's "okay" to leave a girl in the room with the others while gets water -- he was wrong, and have you seen Snakes in a School?

ATN #68 — Called To A Weeping + Anime

Episode #64

Matthew and Ryan discuss the Buck Event before the show and the infamous conclusion to this season's most promising anime, Robotics;Notes, after ATN #68.

EB #28 — Six Lines of Genius

Episode #63

Ryan discovers Ian's Chromebook, John chats with us for a while before the show and after, Ian plays some Mass Effect game on his Nexus 7.

ATN #67 — I’m Bored

Episode #62

Sam Ebertz is here and he's awake, and Matt tries to fill Ryan's window with snow and Andrew Bailey discusses podcast mechanics and an easter egg with Ryan.

EB #27 — Interpersonal Interactions

Episode #60

Ryan shares his progress on the Playboard, Sam Roth realizes he's on the "innuendo' show and Ian Decker torments us with bleep!

ATN #66 — Concoction Of Death & Doom

Episode #59

Matt makes a drink of tile cleaner and koolaid and Ryan plays some of his favorite anime opening theme songs.

EB #26 — My Hand Is A Gentleman and a Scholar

Episode #57

Ian Buck has his brother as a guest along with his brother's friend, Ian Decker finally makes it onto an episode and we all compare ourselves to our competitors.

ATN #65 — Up To Hipster

Episode #56

Ryan and Matt claim it's just one of those "weeks" and why midterms, projects and girls are conspirng to be the downfall of Ryan.