The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

EB #28 — Six Lines of Genius

Episode #63

Ryan discovers Ian's Chromebook, John chats with us for a while before the show and after, Ian plays some Mass Effect game on his Nexus 7.

ATN #67 — I’m Bored

Episode #62

Sam Ebertz is here and he's awake, and Matt tries to fill Ryan's window with snow and Andrew Bailey discusses podcast mechanics and an easter egg with Ryan.

EB #27 — Interpersonal Interactions

Episode #60

Ryan shares his progress on the Playboard, Sam Roth realizes he's on the "innuendo' show and Ian Decker torments us with bleep!

ATN #66 — Concoction Of Death & Doom

Episode #59

Matt makes a drink of tile cleaner and koolaid and Ryan plays some of his favorite anime opening theme songs.

EB #26 — My Hand Is A Gentleman and a Scholar

Episode #57

Ian Buck has his brother as a guest along with his brother's friend, Ian Decker finally makes it onto an episode and we all compare ourselves to our competitors.

ATN #65 — Up To Hipster

Episode #56

Ryan and Matt claim it's just one of those "weeks" and why midterms, projects and girls are conspirng to be the downfall of Ryan.

EB #25 — You’re The Little Dude

Episode #54

Ian Buck discovers he has been watching movies at less than acceptable frame rates for years and is angry at the world and Katie accues him of harboring nefarious things at his Camp Site.