The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

TED #28 — Advice for Audiobooks

Episode #461 TED #28

The Extra Dimension episode this Fringe is attached to was a practice round for Ian's plan to make an audiobook. Please give him feedback on what went well and what he can improve on!

NS #57 — We’re All Ryan Rampersad

Episode #459 NS #57

Harkening back to when this network was fun and not too serious, Ian, Brian, and Ryan stay in the studio way too long and goof off for a really long time.

PK #35 — Snarky Name

Episode #458 PK #35

Before the show, Brian a TV and will buy some speakers, and Ryan and Brandon talk about React.

TED #27 — Judgmental Alpaca

Episode #456 TED #27

In which an alpaca judges, Ian talks about possible audio book plans, and Ryan helps Ian encrypt his website again.

SO #33 — On the Dot

Episode #455 SO #33

Ian and first-time guest Aron Braggans complain about USB-C. Aron isn't happy with the Macbook implementation, Ian isn't happy with the Pixel 2 implementation.

SO #32 — Yobibytes of Data

Episode #454 SO #32

Brian teaches Ian the different names of storage sizes when counting in base 2 and base 10, and later they puzzle through the various Unicode and Emoji version numbers after looking at Brian's website.