Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

I Drove Over The Cat

Episode #120The Fringe #411

In the middle of a snowstorm, Steve and Andrew discuss RASPBERRY!, AMD, Bitcoin, storage, Microsoft, web fonts, and a few more tidbits, like designing a rather graphic lawn mowing simulator.

Build Them and Bill Them

Episode #119

After a while of not podcasting, Andrew and Steve get back into action. They talk about building features, RASPBERRY!, Backblaze, AMD, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and the new Andrew Bailey.

Shot Within Wi-Fi Range

Episode #118The Fringe #406

Steve and Andrew catch up on Apple dissappoint, Microsoft, insecurity, HTML, Let's Encrypt, another Google fatality, blog plans, turkeys, and some other little things.

Dial-up Voting

Episode #117The Fringe #403

Our old friend Christopher joins Andrew and Steve to talk about some games, IoT, VeraCrypt, voting software, voting hardware, growing hardware, the LHC, doomed projects, CSP, and a few other tidbits.

Posted By Not Firefox

Episode #116The Fringe #398

After mentioning Google's new iPhone, Steven and Andrew talk about BLACKBERRY! (yes), RASPBERRY!, Microsoft, Dropbox, the internet of threats (IoT), SSL "marketshare", pgAdmin, NBASE-T, and metafactories.

Keysock Mode

Episode #115The Fringe #396

After talking about a company picnic, Andrew and Steve talk about some RASPBERRY!, dead hard drives, Microsoft, LSB, Intel, Digital Homicide, file URIs, Netbeans, Payara, Oracle, and a few other tidbits that they thought was relevant at the time.

Babylon Is Conformist

Episode #114The Fringe #392

After talking about happenings around town, Steve and Andrew talk about RASPBERRY!, GE, Microsoft, SSH, CSS, Linux, password breaches, and full server encryption.

Silly Things Like Reality

Episode #113The Fringe #389

After Steve has problems spelling "dual", he and Andrew talk about working, interviews, RASPBERRY, Microsoft, Mozilla, encryption,, KeePass plugins, and other tidbits.

3D Printer On The Moon

Episode #112The Fringe #388

In the middle of summer, Andrew and Steve talk about old consoles, space, Microsoft, documentation, HTTPS, CSS, and time tables.

Internet Sound

Episode #111The Fringe #385

Steve and Andrew catch up on a few things, like RASPBERRY!, .NET, Seafile, and Windows 10 (Andrew had an adventure!)