Eight Bit

Eight Bit is a show about gaming news, gaming hardware, gaming reviews, and pretty much anything that starts with gaming, hosted by Ian Buck and Ian Decker.

Throwing Balls At Things

Episode #89The Fringe #265

Ian Decker interviews first time guest JPM and discusses Final Fantasy and the music of JRPGs, and then Ryan Rampersad joins Ian for headlines including Steam scams, Joystick awards, potential Guild Wars news, more FarCry 4 trailers, Wrack, and so much more!

Trust Our Opinions

Episode #88The Fringe #263

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss Wander - the new "walking simulator MMO", a new Far Cry 4 trailer, Blizzard's canceled MMO that almost nobody knew of, singificant end game updates for Ingress, the Steam Store's major revamp, a new #Classics segment and a review of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

You Never Forget Your First

Episode #87The Fringe #260

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss the big Microsoft-Mojang acquisition, Twitch on Chromecast, a new Oculus Rift development kit, Nvidia's Game24 and the announcement of the new GTX 900 series, and reviews of The Room and South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

Find Some Balls

Episode #86The Fringe #259

Ian Buck and Ian Decker celebrate Sam Roth's birthday, and discussing an impressive Dark Souls feat, League retexturing, the Humble Indie Bundle 12, an unexpected Microsoft-Minecraft announcement, the consumer Oculus Rift, and reviews on Saint’s Row IV and Monument Valley.

Threshold of Stupid

Episode #85The Fringe #255

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss the third Walking Dead season, a pretty cool map of Destiny's world, the Gear VR from Samsung at IFA 2014, a huge event from Nvidia called Game24 and the advent of the GTX 900 series, and reviews from both!

Play With My Analog Stick

Episode #84The Fringe #252

Ian Buck (in Sweden) and Ian Decker with returning guest Sonja Richardson discuss Microsoft's next cloud gaming platform, Amazon's the true owner of Twitch, release dates for the next Pokemon games and Kingdom Hearts 3, Nintendo's revised 3DS handhelds, and a review The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale!

Pleasant Surprises

Episode #83The Fringe #241

Back for another camp episode, Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss Twitch-YouTube annotations, a Tomb Raider novel, a Witcher MOBA, a last ditch effort from Ouya, Steam's summer sale and reviews of Dragon Age 2 and "A Story About My Uncle".

Busy Crazy — Crazy Busy

Episode #82The Fringe #235

Ian Buck and Ian Decker return for their last major hurrah of the Summer, with many stories about camp, thoughts on E3 and some actual game time and a bit of news here and there.

Talk in Circles

Episode #81The Fringe #228

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with returning guest Savannah Haslow discuss the Ian Challenge!, as well Sony's plans to bring gaming to China, a Ubisoft PR stunt gone wrong, a joint effort among Samsung, Facebook and Oculus, Nintendo's revised Let's Play policy, a discussion on Bethesda's BattleCry and reviews of VVVVV and The Wolf Among Us Episode 4.

Shades Of Gray: In Between

Episode #80The Fringe #226

Ian Buck and Ian Decker along with frequently returning guest Ryan Rampersad and Sonja Richardson discuss the next iteration of PlayStation Now, screenshots from The Forest, a new RTS called Offworld Trading Company, game Steam streaming for everyone, Evolve's release date, a brief review from Buck on The Walking Dead 2 Episode 3 and a long review from Ryan on Transistor.