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Stage Theater’s Tech Revolution

Episode #30The Fringe #468

They say theater is a dying medium, but they've been saying that since the advent of radio! In fact, theater has adapted as new technologies become available. What new developments are on the horizon?

Episode Summary

00:00:00 | Intro

00:02:38 | Sound Design

00:10:25 | Set Design

00:14:32 | Lighting

00:17:31 | Video Projection

00:27:57 | Interactive Theater

00:34:07 | 4D Expreiences

00:35:59 | Adapting Plays To/From Other Mediums

00:40:49 | Video Recordings of Live Plays

00:43:00 | Live Performances of Podcasts

00:50:14 | Improving Accessibility

00:57:06 | Ephemeral Nature of Theater

01:01:50 | Theater Compared to Mass Media

01:04:55 | Copyright and Business Models of Theater

01:12:55 | Theater in the Far Future

01:26:34 | Final Thoughts

01:30:05 | Outro



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