The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

CS #144 — From The Future

Episode #476 CS #144

After talking about the show stuff, Andrew and Steven talk about futuristic text, Amazon, server room missles, and old game graphics. Also, this episode contains an old show recorded moments before Andrew started building his computer last year. Forward to 26 minutes into this Fringe.

SO #41 — Do you know any lawyermen?

Episode #475 SO #41

Ian comes up with a brilliant idea for compensating for the fact that he is unsure what episode number the Second Opinion is.

NS #58 — CTRL+K, for Klickable

Episode #474 NS #58

Ian and Betsy sort the show notes, then complain about teachers patronizing other adults like they were children.

TED #31 — The Royal “You”

Episode #471 TED #31

Ian and Ian chat for a while. Then Mike shows up, but doesn't start recording right away. Enjoy hearing two thirds of a conversation!

TED #30 — My Hands Get Heavy

Episode #468 TED #30

Ian and Ryan put their Computer Science degrees to good use by failing to troubleshoot Skype, relying on guest David to install Chrome on his computer so they can use Hangouts instead.

SO #39 — My Pants Feel Really Open Today

Episode #467 SO #39

Even when he isn't reaching for the keyboard, Ian can't avoid hitting the spacebar. Luckily, they were right at the beginning and didn't lose much.