The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

ATN #61 — Woooooo

Episode #42

Matt and Ryan get ready for the show and Sam is over there trying to break his VMs before the longest and possibly best At The Nexus ever.

Calling Microsoft

Episode #40

Ryan call Microsoft to re-activate Windows 7 on the Skype laptop after wiping Windows 8.

EB #21 — Oh, You’re Blowing It

Episode #39

Ian, Ian and Ryan wonder where the guest is and then find Sam Ebertz's new website, and Ryan has trouble with the skype laptop.

ATN #60 — Things Go Whizzing By

Episode #38

On an epically long lead in to At The Nexus #60, you can hear Sam's distant Japanese voice, Matt's streaming and Ryan rage quitting the podcast.

CS #10 — Sunday Morning Cartoon Villian

Episode #37

After fumbling around with the mic, Andrew and Chris discuss games, the chances of The Elder Scrolls MMO succeeding, and what in the world a co-host is. Andrew also expresses his evil side, and Chris talks about his Indian roomie.

EB #20 — You Have Been Shanghaied

Episode #36

Ian and Ian invite Alicia onto the show, Ryan becomes "studio guy" and shares a new upcoming show.

ATN #59 — Felt Like A Show

Episode #35

Matt and Ryan discover the joy of live monitoring and Ryan tells Matt about Reaper.

EB #19 — The Mute War

Episode #34

Ryan, Ian, Ian and Andrew chat before and after the show about Pokemon, video cards, "chinese" and strange Pittsburgh-lingo.

ATN #58 — You Made Me Look

Episode #33

Matthew and Ryan talk about stuff before the At The Nexus #58 and suddenly find a cat in the studio.