The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

EB #24 — Trusting & Stoic

Episode #50

Before Eight Bit #24, Ian Buck barrages Ryan with show notes and a discovery is made: Windows 8 has a auto-save print screen tool via Windows + Print Screen.

TU #19 — This Close To Blocking You

Episode #49

Before the Episode 19 of The Universe, Sam Ebertz and Matthew Petschl talk about Han Solo returning in Star Wars 7 and watching a guy eat a jar of Mayonnaise, while Ryan was crying in the corner.

ATN #63 — Tesseract Chest

Episode #48

Ryan and Matt discuss the upcoming CMS changes and explore the wonderful world of Sam's away from keyboard status.

CS #13 — Stuff Happened

Episode #47

Two turians do a sound check, followed by a discussion about what's nearby, taxes, and nukes.

EB #23 — Ryan Is Ambiguous

Episode #46

Ryan is completely ambiguous and Ian Decker has an extraordinary mustache that floats, and Ian Buck shares his body with us yet again.

ATN #62 — Bang It With Your Stick

Episode #45

Matthew plays insane music from Soviet Russia and plays with the studio cat, and Ryan develops his heart show for Megan.

Realm of Understanding

Episode #44

Ian and Ryan discuss Ryan's introduction of his Nexus 4 and Sam talks about phones more than we do on the gadget show.

CS #12 — Base Lupine Nature

Episode #43

Andrew explains the shows on The-Nexus to Chris, some introspection on their own show, podcasting shirtless, former roomies, and games.

ATN #61 — Woooooo

Episode #42

Matt and Ryan get ready for the show and Sam is over there trying to break his VMs before the longest and possibly best At The Nexus ever.