The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

CS #31 — Zerg Abuse

Episode #105

Chris looks for a Kickstarter, then talks about a $90 game beta on Steam, and Andrew talks about meeting gamer girls and gamer pastors.

NS #21 — Camo Wifebeater

Episode #104

Ian shares his biking story, suffers a doomclock experience, some meta-discussion, and more.

ATN #80 — Insuperior

Episode #103

Matt assaults Ryan over a crab and discuss NUCs among other things before ATN #80.

CS #31 — Endless Bowl of Lettuce

Episode #102

Chris wonders what an LED lightbulb is, Ryan explains what will be on this week on the network, and Andrew talks about new show ideas.

EB #40 — Cat Hands

Episode #101

Ian shares a very disturbing video and Ryan shows Ian his latest javascript project before Eight Bit #40.

ATN #79 — Tree Mining

Episode #100

Ryan and Matt look for stories in this slow news week and Matt discovers the beveled edge of a bluray disc.

CS #29 — Knives Literally Everywhere

Episode #99

Andrew calls Chris on his real phone, some woman gets lost, Matthew is paranoid and armed, Ryan explains how to use audio equipment, and Chris tells what anime he watches.

EB #39 — Typical After-Show Feelings

Episode #98

Ian and Ryan wait for the other Ian to show, Ian caughts into the 'microsoft' before EB #39 and after, Ian shares his crazy side a little more.

CS #28 — Only Vaguely

Episode #96

Andrew yells at Chris while Chris eats, then they talk about games, pinball, LoadingReadyRun, Windows support, among other things