The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

Calling Microsoft

Episode #40

Ryan call Microsoft to re-activate Windows 7 on the Skype laptop after wiping Windows 8.

EB #21 — Oh, You’re Blowing It

Episode #39

Ian, Ian and Ryan wonder where the guest is and then find Sam Ebertz's new website, and Ryan has trouble with the skype laptop.

ATN #60 — Things Go Whizzing By

Episode #38

On an epically long lead in to At The Nexus #60, you can hear Sam's distant Japanese voice, Matt's streaming and Ryan rage quitting the podcast.

CS #10 — Sunday Morning Cartoon Villian

Episode #37

After fumbling around with the mic, Andrew and Chris discuss games, the chances of The Elder Scrolls MMO succeeding, and what in the world a co-host is. Andrew also expresses his evil side, and Chris talks about his Indian roomie.

EB #20 — You Have Been Shanghaied

Episode #36

Ian and Ian invite Alicia onto the show, Ryan becomes "studio guy" and shares a new upcoming show.

ATN #59 — Felt Like A Show

Episode #35

Matt and Ryan discover the joy of live monitoring and Ryan tells Matt about Reaper.

EB #19 — The Mute War

Episode #34

Ryan, Ian, Ian and Andrew chat before and after the show about Pokemon, video cards, "chinese" and strange Pittsburgh-lingo.

ATN #58 — You Made Me Look

Episode #33

Matthew and Ryan talk about stuff before the At The Nexus #58 and suddenly find a cat in the studio.

NS #15 — Deflowered

Episode #32

Ian Buck and Ryan Rampersad chat while they gather news about CES for the Nexus Special #15: CES 2013 episode.