The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

ATN #86 — Chrome for Cats with Retina

Episode #118

Ryan and Matt talk about licensing, what is known as "to blow your own horn", javascript and HTML5 video and audio players and then they watch some ancient Apple computer ads.

NS #23 — Polish Your Chromestick

Episode #117

Matt and Ryan discuss the event a little before the show, and look over the good old days from middle school marketing.

CS #36 — Big Download Buttons

Episode #116

Andrew and Chris yell at each other for a bit, then Chris talks about his new computer, and Andrew weaponizes the backup script.

ATN #85 — I Only Mock Mysql

Episode #115

Matt reviews his Siracusa lineage, watches this absurd AT&T commerical hundreds of times, reads about Guild Wars 2, and Ryan discovers the first halfway decent game footage of Final Fantasy 15 before ATN #85.

CS #35 — We Used a BigInt!

Episode #114

Chris talks about his new computer case, then joins Andrew in talking about the Steam Sale.

ATN #84 — Something On A Stick

Episode #113

The Putnams storm the studio with pizza and Mountain Dew, and we discuss various things concerning the 80's.

CS #34 — New Ball Crusher

Episode #112

Chris eats some "bread and butter" while Andrew scrambles to add things to the show docs.

EB #41 — Best Deck

Episode #111

Ian Buck sets Ian Decker's new HTC Thunderbolt with his favorite Android apps before the show and

ATN #83 — SoftBlanc Off

Episode #110

Ryan and Matt talk about Matt's twitter history, July 4th events, some recent events like Egypt and Russian explosions.

ATN #82 — Listen To The Pillows

Episode #109

Ryan and Matthew think they sound the same, Matt shares some comics and Ryan tries to filter his history before At The Nexus #82.