The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

EB #37 — The Crazy Girl With The Gun?

Episode #91

Ian Buck laments his lost Nexus 7 and is overjoyed over his new one, and meanwhile the studio desktop has a doom clock experience before Eight Bit #37.

ATN #76 — Chicken Skin

Episode #90

Ryan and Matt get the news together from this week's slim pickings, due to Google IO, and among other things, chicken skin, 'youth group' and more, before ATN #76.

NS #18 — Remember

Episode #89

Ian and Ryan planned out the show by talking about what they liked and didn't like about the Google IO keynote, and Ian gets lubricated -- again.

CS #26 — Tree Rats

Episode #88

Andrew and Chris talk about games, Steam, games on Steam, Kickstarter projects, and LoadingReadyRun videos.

EB #36 — I’m Dry

Episode #87

Ian Buck locked his key in the car and gets his desktop ready for the ride of its life -- Linux Mint, and while Matt gets his fish seasoning at Menards, Ian and Ryan listen to music.

ATN #75 — The Blow Cloak

Episode #86

Ryan and Matt talk about Amazon Prime and engines shipped in two days, AMD and Intel motherboard bundles and dresses -- prom dresses. (Hint, Hint.)

CS #25 — Poop Smear

Episode #85

Andrew and Chris talk about 10 hour loops of random songs, little bits of stuff, then complain that they are just too tired.

EB #35 — Can Sin and Dance

Episode #84

Ian and Andrew discuss the PC Gamer podcast and their archives, a guy jumps in Ryan's well and more before EB #35.

ATN #74 — Street Cred on Dayton

Episode #83

Before the show, we talk about Domino's new live camera feed and Comics Day, and then after, we literally raid Dominos.

Big Bowl of What The Hell Is That

Episode #82

Listen to Chris eat some dinner, Andrew plays last week's CS intro, and then both laugh at "official" Blood Dragon merchandise.