The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

EB #43 — That Might Be A Crack

Episode #131 EB #43

Ian Decker joins Ryan in the studio before Eight Bit #43 and Ian tries remote desktop with four monitors from Morris.

ATN #91 — You Reach Hot Dog Perigee

Episode #130 ATN #91

Before the show, Matt and Ryan discuss fan noise, odd names, and watch a couple funny videos that parody service advertising among other things.

CS #41 — Suspicious Engrish

Episode #129

Andrew wakes Chris up (again). Then they talk about what's going to be on the show.

ATN #90 — Clog the Sorrow

Episode #128

Ryan catches up on the news he missed during the weekend while trying to write the CMS and Matt shares his problems with Google Docs.

EB #42 — She’s The Nexus 4 Person

Episode #127

Ian, Ian and Rachel find the studio and begin the fringe and Ryan walks into his own house and finds podcasters, Ryan shows off the Chromecast and the Ian's tell the story of their roll-in.

CS #40 — What A Deal

Episode #126

Andrew eventually presses record, and Chris tries to connect a laptop to his WiFi.

ATN #89 — Elitist In A Sentence

Episode #125

Before the show and as per instructed, Ryan and Matt initiate a call to Dave but don't find him, suddenly run off an play Ingress and return, find Dave and then deal with show notes or the lack there of.

ATN #88 — Controller To The Face

Episode #123

Ryan reveals MegaPokemon and finishes this week's Guild Wars 2 event content and Matt battles LastPass issues.