The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

ATN #94 — Dumped A Bunch Of Urine On Myself

Episode #141 ATN #94

Before the ATN #94, Brian Mitchell installs the Hangouts plugin, we watch Ian Buck eat, search long and hard for Andrew Bailey and eventually, discover that Matt is actually alive after he returned from hunting.

EB #45 — Buck & Decker

Episode #139 EB #45

Ian Decker reveals that he has a Twitter account and after the show, Matthew toots his horn at Decker.

CS #43 — Advance Your Hue

Episode #137

Andrew explains how RASPBERRY! works and how his platform at work uses SOAP, and Steven talks about how he wants to use a Raspberry Pi as a FM radio transmitter.

NS #25 — Space Gray

Episode #136 NS #25

Brian and Ryan discuss some points of the Apple event before the show to get ready.

EB #44 — Go Away You Glacier

Episode #135 EB #44

Before the show, the Ians look at embarrasing Street view photos and Katie shares a poll, what kind of gamer are you?

TU #21 — I’m Trying To Sell That

Episode #133 TU #21

Before the show, we gather some show notes to falsify our believability while we listen to our old favorite, Neon Pegasus, how Matt's finding a girlfriend and more.