The Fringe

The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.

CS #36 — Big Download Buttons

Episode #116

Andrew and Chris yell at each other for a bit, then Chris talks about his new computer, and Andrew weaponizes the backup script.

ATN #85 — I Only Mock Mysql

Episode #115

Matt reviews his Siracusa lineage, watches this absurd AT&T commerical hundreds of times, reads about Guild Wars 2, and Ryan discovers the first halfway decent game footage of Final Fantasy 15 before ATN #85.

CS #35 — We Used a BigInt!

Episode #114

Chris talks about his new computer case, then joins Andrew in talking about the Steam Sale.

ATN #84 — Something On A Stick

Episode #113

The Putnams storm the studio with pizza and Mountain Dew, and we discuss various things concerning the 80's.

CS #34 — New Ball Crusher

Episode #112

Chris eats some "bread and butter" while Andrew scrambles to add things to the show docs.

EB #41 — Best Deck

Episode #111

Ian Buck sets Ian Decker's new HTC Thunderbolt with his favorite Android apps before the show and

ATN #83 — SoftBlanc Off

Episode #110

Ryan and Matt talk about Matt's twitter history, July 4th events, some recent events like Egypt and Russian explosions.

ATN #82 — Listen To The Pillows

Episode #109

Ryan and Matthew think they sound the same, Matt shares some comics and Ryan tries to filter his history before At The Nexus #82.

NS #22 — Margarita Up Your Boot

Episode #108

Ryan talks about a little media PC-server he'd like to build and Matt discusses his desire for a co-host.