The Extra Dimension

The Extra Dimension features deep discussions on how technology intersects with other parts of our lives. Welcome to the heart of the technological convergence.

Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016

Episode #18

At NerdCon: Stories Ian did something a little crazy; he sat down with random strangers to talk about their time at the convention! They covered a lot of different topics, so get ready for a wild ride!

Transportation – The Future

Episode #17The Fringe #408

What exciting new forms of transportation does the future hold for us? How will self-driven cars change our travel habits? What even is a hyperloop? Ian, Brian, and Ryan have done the research on all of this and more!

The Brian Mitchell Show — Meetup

Episode #12

Ian R Buck, Brandon Johnson and Ryan Rampersad secretly planned to attend Brian Mitchell's Senior Seminar Presentation at the University of Minnesota Morris on Saturday morning. This is a short variety episode from a few hours later of our meetup.

Android Essentials

Episode #10The Fringe #371

Ian R Buck, Ryan Rampersad and new Nexus Device owner Ian Decker discuss the essential settings and features of Android, and some of the essential apps you definitely need to investigate.


Episode #9The Fringe #367

Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad discuss modern encryption and what's in the news that has us concerned.