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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Episode #43The Fringe #478

Despite its status as an Anthology movie, Solo had a lot to live up to as the backstory for one of Star Wars' most popular characters. Join Ian, Mike, Dan, and Quentin for a spoiler-free overview, followed by a spoiler-filled deep dive.

Run An Empire Preview

Episode #42

Motivating yourself to get out there and go for a run can be tough, and many apps have been created to help with that. Some tell a story, some prompt you to hit a daily goal, and some like the upcoming Run An Empire pit you against other players. After a month of trying out the beta, Ian R Buck is ready to share his impressions.

MacBook Air 2017 Review

Episode #41The Fringe #475

Apple made a very unexpected decision in 2017 to come out with a new version of the MacBook Air, which is very different from the rest of the laptops they are currently selling. Join Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad to find out what Apple has done to make this classic device relevant in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review

Episode #40The Fringe #473

Ryan Rampersad is back at it again with a new phone! He liked the S8+ so much that he upgraded to the S9+, but was it a significant upgrade?

Fire TV Stick Review

Episode #39The Fringe #467

Amazon takes a very different approach from Google's for their streaming stick: it has a remote, it is heavily focused on mainstream video providers, and it's actually a stick! Ryan Rampersad joins Ian R Buck to tell us all about it.

Chromecast 2nd Generation Review

Episode #38The Fringe #462

The Chromecast was our first glimpse into a world of watching TV without a remote. Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad both use it heavily, but have different views on a few critical aspects of it.

Chromecast Audio Review

Episode #37The Fringe #462

The Chromecast Audio is a unicorn: really cheap, useful on a daily basis, and integrates so seamlessly into your life that you forget it's there. Come hear Ian R Buck tell Ryan Rampersad why this is his smart speaker of choice!

Google Home Mini Review

Episode #36The Fringe #462

Smart speakers are here to stay, and Google's second iteration is smaller and cheaper. Ian and Ryan talk about how the ecosystem has changed since last year, as well as comparing the capabilities of the Mini to the Original.

Concussion Review

Episode #35

Just a quick placeholder explaining why we don't have a proper review up this weekend.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Episode #34The Fringe #457

Time for our annual Star Wars review! Ian R Buck and first-time guest Mike Sandberg sit down to talk about The Last Jedi, a very unusual Star Wars film in many ways.