PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing web development and technology in general, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson, and Ryan Rampersad.


Episode #10The Fringe #339

On the tail end of the Nexus Special #40, Brandon joins Ryan and Brian and together, they perform a somewhat unscheduled PodKit #10, discussion on Brian's danish SIM setup, Apple watches, cookies, Alphabet and Google and more!

It’ll Be Burp Next

Episode #9The Fringe #335

While Brian prepares to adventure across the world, we discuss Windows 10 and Edge, the complexity of the web, fresh Intel Skylake processors, plus Twitter and LinkedIn time.

WebKit is Bæ

Episode #8The Fringe #333

Ryan, Brian and Brandon mention new people to follow on Twitter, various pros and cons to SASS and the complexity of CSS in production, the expectation of website performance and Google's official major pivot back from "social is the future"!

Refrigerator… That Would Be So Awesome

Episode #7The Fringe #331

Ryan, Brian and Brandon experience the woes of CenturyLink and Comcast, discuss follow up, Ryan makes his final Zenfone 2 remarks, Brian mentions a little bit of the HackerTeam news, the Apple watch owners agree with slowing Apple Watch sales, and to finish up, we stare at Pluto.

What Are Ethics?

Episode #6The Fringe #330

Ryan follows up on the Zenfone 2 and Straight Talk experiences - pretty good overall, and then mentions an updated version of the WarGame in Rust, Brandon's vertical alignment woes and more discussion on package managers and their pain points.

Gangster Millennial

Episode #5The Fringe #329

Ryan shares his new experience with Straight Talk and the anticipation of testing a new phone - coming soon, Brian dives into a iOS 8.3 Jailbreak update during the show and encounters trouble, and Brandon shares his time at Twin Cities Drupal Camp!

Ads Are Dumb

Episode #4The Fringe #327

Brandon returns stateside with Brian and Ryan, and explains his international mobile data adventure, Brian shares his hackathon stories, and they discuss Oracle in the web cloud and quite a bit about ads.

Nanodegree Designer

Episode #3The Fringe #323

Ryan, Brandon and Brian discuss listener follow up, plus the new Tweetbot for Mac, software bugs and broken updates, and the merits educational materials and paying for it.

Aluminium Sport 42 Nanometer

Episode #2The Fringe #322

Brandon, Brian and Ryan discuss the Apple Watch, mice and keyboards, news aggregation, package managers and their merits, and more!

Anywhich Way

Episode #1The Fringe #318

A new podcast has emerged! Ryan, Brian and Brandon talk about Microsoft's new initiatives for Windows apps, ARM Macs, strange social networks, Periscope, Brandon's experience at Signalconf and more.